The EXCLUSIVE Ghost Hunt Experience - 100% INDOORS


Are you ready for a real ghost hunt in an authentic haunted abandoned building?

That's right... our ghost hunt is NOT in a tiny cramped room or outdoors. Our EXCLUSIVE ghost hunt puts you in a real haunted building. No games, no sensationalism... just you... your friends... and a chance to experience the other side.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience real paranormal activity first hand.

WARNING - You may experience real activity beyond human comprehension.  So come if you dare!

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New Orleans’ only, regularly scheduled, indoor ghost hunt is HERE! Witches Brew Tours is proud to announce this newest addition to our lineup! This is not a tour of the French Quarter; this is not a tour outside. In fact, this is not a tour at all – but an experience – and we are the only ones to be able to offer an indoor, after-dark, private ghost hunt experience.

Plus if you catch the best paranormal activity, you win a free Witches Brew Tours exclusive t-shirt!

SHIRTJoin us, as we venture into the Faubourg Ste Marie to a privately owned, vacant and abandoned, Victorian building – home of the former Herbsaint factory and apothecary. Built in the 19th century for medical purposes and home to numerous pharmacists, including J. Marion Legendre and father, who developed Herbsaint as an answer to the need for absinthe in Prohibition America. A fire broke out in 1933 and after then, was owned by many. Most who seemingly, never repaired the fire damage on the 5th floor and roof.

The most active commercial floor, the 2nd floor, is where your Ghost Hunt Experience happens, with 10 individual offices, including the office of J. Marion Legendre, in room 216.

Are you ready for the Ghost Hunt Experience? Then don’t delay! Space is extremely limited and this experience is only offered three nights a week! Grab your gear (or borrow ours) and make your plans to join us on this one-of-a-kind haunted experience. You never know what’s waiting in the next room…

The Ghost Hunt Experience is offered Thursday through Saturday nights from 9:30pm to 12:30am. Meet us by 9:00pm; as 9 is the most magical number of all, tour leaves promptly at 930pm from the corner of Royal and Conti Streets, directly across from Latrobe’s.

Choose your package:


  • Full hunt with purchase of own kit $175
  • Full hunt with no purchase of kit $135

**Please note: this tour is limited to 21+ ONLY. Only 25 spaces nightly.

Hunt at your own risk.

There are no refunds and a $50 rebooking for all no-shows – don’t book if you’re not sure you will make it – you will be charged and not refunded. One week cancellation notice required for full refund. The Ghost Hunt Experience goes rain or shine – check the weather and dress appropriately. This Experience cannot be booked more than 6 months in advance.

So are you ready? This ghost hunt doesn't give you the safety of a small cramped room on the third floor of an occupied building or out in the great outdoors... Join us if you dare!

Groupon requires 48-hour advance reservation**