The most common question we are asked after a ghost tour is: Where can we send the photos we get on our haunted tour? You know, the ones where we suspect we caught something? Did you catch a ghost? An orb? A mist? Or something else you just cannot quite figure out? Well, aside from that being the photo you now pass around at parties asking everyone if they see it too, send them to us! We love them too! You can post to our facebook page, our Instagram page or email us at Please mention who your tour guide was and where you captured suspected paranormal activity. Once we have enough geographical information, we can make a map for all the ghost hunters out there! If you are not sure, here’s a few hints to help…

Orbs discovered on a ghost tour are not just balls of white light.

When someone shows you an orb, the first skeptic question should come to mind, “How do I know it’s not just dust?” Great question. Generally, what people think are orbs, are dust particles reflecting light. However, if you get an orb with a jellyfish-like appearance and is blue or purple or another color, you have likely captured an orb. Remember to take several consecutive shots in a row, because if you caught an orb, it will be in a different location in the next shot…and the one after that, appearing to dart around the screen, and this is especially true in a ghost tour. They also can be many different colors – including white, though white is often hard to differentiate with dust particles.

Ghost Tour and Orbs

Orbs are sometimes seen on a ghost tour in New Orleans.

Apparitions are a little rare, but on our 4n1 route, there are a few spots where the apparitions love the attention and tend to make appearances.

One of our best apparition photos happened on a guide’s tour and a guest, just like you, managed to snap a photo while she was telling her story. The guest had to interrupt the tour guide after viewing the photo. She did this because it was almost unbelievable if we had not seen it in front of our own eyes. But, sure enough, behind the guide was the clear apparition of Civil War soldier boots and if you followed the boots up, you could get all the way to his hat. He was marching down the middle of Chartres Street! These are a little harder to capture. However, if you think you have captured one of our city’s ghosts, don’t hesitate to share!

Also to be found in New Orleans are gray mists, also referred to as eco-plasma. Taking neither the full shape of an apparition nor the condensed ball-like shape of an orb, gray mist almost appears as “pre-apparition”. Remember paranormal activity is based on energy, so an apparition would use the most energy and gray mists are not gathering quite enough energy to take full shape or gain a lot of movement. In our ghost tour experience, mists are the least commonly caught here in New Orleans. There are a few spots they have been said to appear but we are still waiting for the first legitimate capture of it. Think you have gray mist? Be sure to send our way or post to one of our social media accounts!!!

Have fun hunting!

-The Head Witch in Charge