The Key to a Great New Orleans Ghost Tour

After the rue is prepared, you’d be hard pressed to convince a chef to divulge the secret ingredient that makes their gumbo the Quarter’s finest. Many lay claims to having the best gumbo in the Quarter, however what if the best gumbo in the Quarter is the French Quarter itself? Like a fine watch requires all its parts working in synchronicity to capture each second as it passes to provide an accurate timepiece, so too does the Quarter. It is not just the performers, the artisans and artists, the food, the liquor and the balance of laissez faire and bustle that provide hints of the magic of New Orleans. On a ghost tour, it is in the well-timed music that seems to play right on cue, the mule and buggy that appropriately arrive at that exact moment in the story, the timely capture of a ghostly apparition, the flame of a gas lantern on Chartres that seems to dance with delight as a group of tourists stroll along a cobblestone street, or even the buildings themselves that want in on the game. Remove any one ingredient and it simply is no longer the enchanted square that we’ve put to the test, time and time again. The city is alive with a magical soul, dancing and performing for those who dare to recognize the moments, begging to be seen and heard. The secret ingredient for the distinct flavor of New Orleans is New Orleans herself, every element needed to deliver the timely moments that provide the exquisite Gumbo of life in the French Quarter. Be our guest, take a tour and just watch the magic happen. Sometimes it’s so good, you can almost taste it. Isn’t it time for you to believe?

The Lady Rose

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  1. Christine on May 15, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    Lady Rose,
    We SO enjoyed the tour we took with you (4/21)-mostly the you part of it! But, I am still wondering about the message received in Congo Square…

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