The Best Ghost Tour New Orleans Is Witches Brew Tours and here’s why…

Witches Brew Tours is dedicated to being a leader in the paranormal. Each tour begins with the quality of the tour guides. Witches Brew Tours hand chooses it’s ghost tour guides and then trains them on the history of New Orleans. Then they share with each tour guide the hottest areas in New Orleans for voodoo, ghosts, and other paranormal activity.

The Best Ghost Tour New Orleans

Vampire lore is just part of what you will experience with Witches Brew Tours

Each walking ghost tour is then cultivated by carefully choosing the best hours to engage the undead. It’s a careful combination of years of experience and the right tactics to help draw out those lost between two worlds. Our tour guides encourage you to take photos, use EMF detectors and other tools you may have to help bolster the case of the paranormal.

Of Course, There Is One More Major Aspect to A Great Ghost Tour…

The last ingredient to be the best ghost tour New Orleans is… well… New Orleans. New Orleans is one of the most haunted areas in the United States. Without our rich history entrenched in the paranormal, no amount of training would complete our ghost tour adventures.

Witches Brew Tours offers numerous options for your next adventure. We have tours that will put you face-to-face with our history entrenched in vampires, witches, voodoo, and of course, ghosts. Be ready to capture orbs and take plenty of photos of some of the most areas in New Orleans. Our tours and renowned as on of the best available anywhere.

So muster as much courage as possible, grab your gear, and join us on an adventure of the undead to experience New Orleans like never before. If you are willing to follow us, be ready for the Best Ghost Tour New Orleans.