“Do you believe in spirits or in those ghost tours in New Orleans?” asked Clay.

“I only believe in alcohol and spirits” Riley answered laughing.

“I’m serious Riley.”

cemetary“You need some serious sleep Clay” and Riley slept. Riley and Clay were sharing a room near the University of New Orleans. They were in their final year and they were over-burdened by the pressure of viva, final assignments, and never ending projects. Out of them, Riley was non-religious and had a habit of taking things lightly, but Clay had his superstitious beliefs and used to read a lot of voodoos.

One day, Riley suggested to take some time off studies and visit the French Quarter or take any of the Ghost Tours in the New Orleans. Clay loved the former and they went to the French Quarter, had some food and stayed there to enjoy the Jazz Music. It was 1:00 am already and they decided to go back home. The streets were empty and they couldn’t find a taxi. Riley suggested to walk to the nearest bus station and see whether they could find a ride.

The Walk

They started walking. The roads were empty and it was quite dark. They lost their way and found themselves near the St. Louis Cemetery. The cemetery looked quite haunted under the moonlight. Riley proposed to sneak in from the fence and observe anything paranormal. Clay was flabbergasted by the idea, because this wasn’t like those other ghost tours in New Orleans.

“Are you out of your senses!” shouted Clay.

“Stop being a girl Clay! It’s going to be an easy in and out.”

“That place is cursed. Haven’t you heard about Marie Laveau? She rests in that cemetery. If you need a haunted tour in the New Orleans, there are many guides for that.”

“That makes it even more interesting!”

Touring the Cemetery

Riley somehow managed to convince Clay and they decided to have a haunted tour in the New Orleans’ cemetery. The place itself had a unique paranoia. Clay was trembling with fear. Suddenly, they started to smell something very odd in the cemetery, like the smell of rotten eggs. By this time, Riley had realized too that it wasn’t a good decision to come here.

“I think we should go back.” said Riley with fear.

No one answered. Riley turned back and Clay wasn’t there. Where was Clay?

Riley was devastated. He knew something was wrong with this place and now Clay was missing. His feet were numb and his hands were trembling. Suddenly, he saw a shadow coming towards him. Rubbing his eyes, Riley couldn’t believe that it was something real. But it was real, and the shadow was hissing something, but Riley was stoned. He gathered his senses and started running blindly. The shadow followed wherever he ran. He tripped and fell down on the ground. His head was bleeding and he couldn’t move. The shadow came near. It had a terror and trepidation like the Lucifer. The moment it came near, Riley felt his soul withdrawing from the body. He couldn’t move and he was about to faint. This was definitely not like other ghost tours in New Orleans.

Finding Clay

Suddenly, he heard Clay shouting and running towards them. The shadow disappeared and Riley tried to stand.

“Where were you?” Shouted Riley.

“I went to the washroom in the hotel and you were not there. When I tried calling you on the phone you didn’t answer, and I started looking for a taxi. Then, I found you lying on the ground in this cemetery! How did you get here?”
“What? We came together to this cemetery?” Riley answered anxiously.

“Are you out of your mind? You left me at the restaurant!”

Riley fainted.

If Clay didn’t accompany Riley to the cemetery, who did?

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