Are you having a hard time thinking up what to wear for Halloween? Well my little darlings, Witches Brew Ghost Tours has the purrfect New Orleans inspired Halloween costume ideas for you. When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, these fancy costumes will be a hit on Halloween.

Perhaps you want to be an 18-Century pirate, but not just any generic pirate. You want to be the famous ghost pirate of Jean Lafitte. He has been known to appear in his former bar, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. It is the oldest known bar in the USA. You can learn all about Jean Lafitte from Witches Brew Haunted Tours in New Orleans. Wouldn’t Jean Lafitte look great with an attractive barmaid by his side? You can get your swagger on and use pirate lingo too. Aye matey, you’ll have a yo-ho-ho Halloween!

Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen

Witches and Voodoo queens are another well-known topic in New Orleans. Yes, you can get in touch with your inner witch, my little pretty, but not just any old witch. You can conjure up the world-famous New Orleans Voodoo witch, Marie Laveau (1801 – 1881). She was a hairdresser and lived in a common-law relationship with Christophe Glapion until Glapion’s death in 1835.

She owned a snake, named Zombi after an African god. Many believed the snake possessed powers, and she would dance with the snake wrapped around her. Even after her death, citizens of New Orleans claimed to have seen her. She was buried in the famous Saint Louis Cemetery in New Orleans, and the Glapion family tomb attracts visitors, who believe that if they draw three x’s on the side of the grave that Laveau’s spirit will grant them a wish.

A Couple’s Voodoo Costume Idea

If you are a couple going out on Halloween, you can go as Christophe and Marie the famous New Orleans Voodoo couple. You can visit Marie Laveau’s tomb on a haunted tour of New Orleans with Witches Brew Tours where expert guides will tell you about Voodoo magic and the occult practiced by Madame Marie Laveau.
Do you like vampires? New Orleans has vampire stories and vampire cults galore. The most famous New Orleans vampire story is about Jacques Saint Germain. In a Witches Brew, haunted New Orleans tour an informative guide will tell you all about Jacques Saint Germain (aka Vampire Jack), who came to New Orleans in 1903. He was a striking, charismatic young Frenchman claiming to be a descendant of the Count de Saint-Germain. To this day, sightings of Saint-Germain emerge near his old home on the corner of Ursuline and Royal in the French Quarter.

So, my little precious, use this info to build your New Orleans Halloween character, whether you go as a pirate, a vampire, or a voodoo witch have a Boo-tiful Halloween night. A New Orleans inspired costume will make it real. Eat, drink, and be scary.