In New Orleans, terrifying tales of the things that go bump in the night have circulated since its establishment in 1718. Vampires are one of the many subjects of these legends. These blood-drinking vampires in New Orleans hide in plain sight, awaiting the perfect moment to strike and feed off of their next helpless victim. Two of these fabled vampires of New Orleans were the Carter brothers.

John and Wayne were like any other men in their time… or were they?

They worked their day jobs by the river to pay for their home in the French Quarter, which was difficult in the 1930’s due to the Great Depression. However, on a typical day just like any other, everyone’s perception of the brothers changed. The authorities saw a woman approach them with shallowly slit wrists, bleeding slowly and claiming she just escaped the apartment of the Carters. She pointed them in the direction of their residence, where the police found four other civilians tied to chairs and wearing the same slits on their wrists that the woman had. Also, they found multiple dead bodies in the home.

According to the captives, the two brothers kept them in their apartment, bleeding out slowly. They would feed off of their blood every night after they returned home from their jobs. Since the brothers were out of their flat at the time that the police arrived, they decided to wait for their return to arrest them. Eyewitness accounts from the police say that when the siblings finally did enter later that day, it took a significant group of officers to hold down the men and arrest them, for they had a tremendous strength.

Vampires In New Orleans

The Carter Brothers are two famous vampires in New Orleans

A few years later, a court found the brothers guilty and had them executed.

After the execution, the two were buried in a cemetery vault in New Orleans. Time went on, as it had before, for years after the death of the brothers. Later, another Carter down the line of ancestry passed away. The vault was opened again, after years of inactivity. The people that were placing the new corpse into the tomb astonishingly discovered that the bodies of the brothers had vanished. The bodies were never found.

Today, the legend of the Carter brothers is spoken of when the subject of vampires is brought up. Some natives of New Orleans even claim to have seen men that resembled the two precisely. These descriptions included one man who claimed to have seen them in his home. On many vampire tours, they often discuss what happened to these brothers, and where they may be now. The mystery of the disappearance of their bodies will remain unsolved. However, speculation concludes that they never actually died, and still walk around among us, immortal and thirsty.