What could be more exciting than to be a guest in the most haunted hotel in New Orleans? Often plugged by haunted tours in New Orleans to have the most ghosts in the city, the Bourbon Orleans Hotel has stories about the rooms and corridors that date back to the building’s early days at the beginning of the 1800’s. Before being a hotel, the Bourbon Orleans Hotel was The Orleans Ballroom and Theater. The theater was later converted to a hotel in the late 1800’s.

The Haunted Hotel

The hotel is located near the landmark, Jackson Square on the corner of Bourbon Street and Orleans Street in the historic French Quarters on the grounds that initially contained two buildings; an old convent and an orphanage. It is within view of St. Anthony’s Garden behind the famous St. Louis Cathedral where one can view the statue of Jesus, affectionately nick-named “Touchdown Jesus.” St. Anthony’s Garden is adjacent to Pirate’s Alley which is frequently visited by haunted tours in New Orleans, who tell of sightings of the pirate ghost of Jean Lafitte and they claim it is the most haunted street in New Orleans.

Chip Coffey, an internationally acclaimed paranormal psychic visited the Bourbon Orleans Hotel and performed a reading at the historic Orleans Ballroom. He sensed quite a few spirits, including a little boy and girl who experienced sudden deaths. Some ghost tours in New Orleans report that the Bourbon Orleans has fifteen to twenty different ghosts, all representing the different eras since the building has been in existence.

The Bourbon Orleans’ Ghosts

The most notorious ghosts include a Confederate soldier on the sixth and third-floor. Nicknamed “The Man”, he wanders the floors and pays no attention to hotel guests. People also have seen children and nuns who were victims of the yellow fever epidemic. They were likely from the time when the building was a convent and orphanage. Ghost tour guides in New Orleans often tell how people saw female apparitions and the tale of a little girl rolling a ball and chasing it down the sixth-floor corridors.

The Orleans Ballroom was once the grand location for 19th-century social events. Guest and staff report seeing a lone ghost dancer underneath the ballroom’s chandelier. She mysteriously swooshes behind the draperies with no window open. Guests at the hotel describe a mischievous pirate named “Raoul”. They claim that he turns the sinks on and off and moves guests’ belongings around their rooms.

No one staying at the hotel has experienced malevolent spirits, and all have claimed they are friendly or even playful. The Bourbon Orleans Hotel is toured by haunted tours in New Orleans to be a ghost encounter hot spot. Your chances of having a paranormal experience at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel are high. This is due to the high volume of ghostly activity. Even if you don’t see or hear a ghost, you can experience a bucket list of fun staying there.