Spirits You May Encounter on a New Orleans Ghost Tour

Ghosts are a common sight and subject of lore in today’s world. People eager for the chance to see or hear one can often be found taking ghost tours or exploring long-abandoned structures. They appear to us in many different forms, whether it be mists, orbs, or full-bodied apparitions. However, not all ghosts are the same in intellect or interaction. There are two main types of spirit: residual and intelligent.

Residual spirits are usually not compared to the spirit of a conscious person. Instead, they are almost like an echo in a specific location of a person that once lived ages before. The sighting, whether it be a voice or a vision, is repeated continuously. Most often, it is due to a repetitious behavior that occurred in the place long ago, such as a bartender wiping down a counter, or even a man walking to work on the same street every day. They do not have a consciousness, do not see the living, and are only there with no interaction with anything in the present world.

Intelligent spirits are a much more interesting, and sometimes more terrifying, type of ghost. These types of apparitions are fully aware of the living and are known to interact with them regularly. They do not do this according to a routine and instead can be very random with where, when and to whom they appear. They have been known to affect electronic devices, make loud noises, speak to visitors, and sometimes physically interact with people as well.

Poltergeists are a type of intelligent spirit that should be avoided and cast out. They have an amplified ability to alter and touch the world around them. Throughout history, they’ve been spoken of as ghosts that throw heavy objects, opening doors, and even scratching and assaulting their victims. Because they are so dangerous and hard to live with, many people either flee from them or have them expelled in some way.

While ghost tours can be exciting and scary, it is always good to know of the different kinds of spirits one may encounter during these trips. Intelligent and residual apparitions can be found at any well-known haunted location. Although not all will see you the way you see them, there may be a few that will look you directly in the eye, talk to you, or even touch you to get your attention. Maybe you’ll be the next lucky person that gets to mingle with the dead.

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