The French Quarter is subject to many ghost tours, and on Witches Brew Tours, many articles as well. Its historic buildings hold tales of both melancholy and cheerful lives led by its many denizens throughout time. Natural deaths, as well as less innocent and more grisly ends, have taken place upon the worn streets of this four-hundred twenty-three-acre area. Some of these many deaths have taken place in the infamous Hotel Monteleone, a haunted hotel in New Orleans.

The Hotel’s Early Years

Established in 1886, the Hotel Monteleone has seen over a century of guests and renovations to its structure. It has been owned by the esteemed Monteleone family for five generations so far, who have dedicated their lives to making it one of the most magnificent locations in New Orleans. With five additions added to the hotel, starting in 1903, the hotel has always been an awe-inspiring attraction to tourists and travelers. But in addition to being a beautiful landmark, it is also well-known for its paranormal presence.

Paranormal Happenings in the Hotel Monteleone

For many years, both guests and staff of the hotel have claimed to experience fantastic events in the nearly-ancient walls. Some of these cases are doors that open by themselves, spirits making contact with living individuals, and elevators raising and lowering independently. Although some of these souls are believed to have died of natural causes after living average lives, not all of the spirits died after a full life, such as the ghost of Maurice Begeres.

While his parents were out for a show, leaving him with their nanny, Maurice passed away after having multiple convulsions. His mother, broken-hearted and depressed, would return annually to seek the wandering spirit of her son. Eventually, she did see him, where he told her that she should stop crying, for he was okay. Since then, however, many other guests have seen his spirit, including researchers from the Society of Paranormal Research. This group of researchers also encountered “over a dozen different spirits”. One of these spirits is a former hotel employee, William “Red” Wildemere, who passed away naturally in the hotel.

If touring the beautifully historic city of New Orleans, one should consider investigating and experiencing the ghostly hauntings throughout. Ghost tours are a great way to do this. They will bring you to distinct hot spots and teach the history of the very lost souls you may meet. But, further, a visitor should take a trip to the treasured buildings, such as the Hotel Monteleone. There, they can view their architecture and elegance. If you’re lucky, you may just catch a glimpse of little Maurice Begeres, playing in the halls. You may also see William Wildemere, roaming his workplace, searching for someone to speak to, and choosing you to converse with.