New Orleans, Louisiana is a fantastic place to visit if you’re looking for a great time and plenty of excitement. All sorts of amazing events transpire there, from ghost tours to great food to parties. It’s also notorious for its share of the supernatural. If you’ve been to or lived in Louisiana, you’re sure to be familiar with the swampy bayou terrain throughout the state. Deep within this boggy terrain, however, a legendary creature lurks. Known as The Rougarou or the loup-garou, this hulking wolf-like humanoid has been spoken of since Louisiana’s first inhabitants.

What Is The Rougarou?

Standing at a terrifying ten feet tall, the dark-haired, long-fanged beast with bright-red eyes regularly kills livestock, pets, wildlife and even people. Some say they only arrive during the full moon, like a werewolf, while others have claimed that the horrifying creature roams the land year-round. The terrifying creature has superhuman strength and speed. However, they aren’t unstoppable. A rougarou’s only weakness is fire, which can destroy them, as well as decapitation.

The Rougarou

Many stories of the rougarou detail its presence in the bayou or its rein of terror throughout small towns. However, some people used the stories to cause fear. Long ago, it was a famous tale that the rougarou would feast upon young Catholics if they didn’t practice Lent. Also, elders used to use this story to make their grandkids behave. They did this by telling them the rougarou would eat them if they didn’t behave. 

Stories of the Rougarou

Individuals become rougarou’s through contact, much like the stories of the werewolf. The infection’s transferred through bites or making direct eye contact with their blood-red eyes. However, anyone who survives an encounter with a loup-garou is said to be able to beat the curse by remaining silent about it for a hundred and one days, and then they’re released from the affliction. A witch can cast a spell upon someone to turn them as well. Some people in historical legends do this voluntarily, to gain the immense power that comes with the curse.

Much like the notorious Bigfoot, vampire, and ghost, the rougarou is a mystery many people are still working to discover. The evil entity stalks the lands in search of helpless prey and has for centuries throughout Louisiana. While nothing can be entirely confirmed about the rougarou, one thing is sure: if the rougarou does exist, it’s incredibly elusive and dangerous. Perhaps stories of this supernatural and fabled canine can convince you to come to New Orleans, Louisiana!