Witches Brew Tours offers a top-notch vampire tour that takes visitors through New Orleans, telling them legends of vampires that have been talked about for centuries. The Carter Brothers are often referred to during these tours, but they are not nearly as famous as the Vampire of New Orleans, Jacques Saint Germain. An unaging and extraordinarily talented individual, he has been the subject of many conversations since the early 1900’s.

In 1902, Jacques Saint Germain moved into a building on the corner of Ursulines Avenue and Royal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. He first caught the attention of the citizens of New Orleans when he threw a party, inviting many of the highest standing people of the city. He fed them the most exquisite foods on expensive china, but never took a bite of food himself. He did, however, drink red wine throughout the event. The guests described his demeanor as charming, intelligent, and knowledgeable. Contrary to this fact, he was never accepted into the elitist circle because of the company he kept, who were party animals and considered low-class.

After the party, Jacques didn’t remain in the limelight. Instead, he avoided being the center of attention until a young woman was found screaming, and picked up by police. They brought her to the hospital, and after she was stable, took her statement. She claimed that Jacques had picked her up from a pub and brought her home, but when they arrived, he attacked her with inhuman speed and strength, biting her neck. Luckily for her, someone knocked on Jacques’ front door, distracting Germain and allowing the woman to escape. She leaped from the window, breaking her leg and sending her into a screaming fit. The police traveled to Jacques’ home that night, to see if the woman’s statements held up. He told them that she had been drunk, and decided to jump in her drunken stupor. The police accepted his explanation but asked that he arrive at the station the following morning for more questioning.

Jacques Saint Germain never arrived at the station the following morning, and the police decided to visit his home again. When they came, however, all of his belongings were gone. They inspected the house, only to find blood stains on several items in the home. There was also a surprising lack of food in the place, and instead, just wine glasses and bottles. They tasted the wine, believing it to be a red wine that Jacques was often seen drinking, and discovered that it was a mixture of blood and wine.

Jacques never returned to his home after the incident with the woman he bit. Since the day of his disappearance, there have been hundreds of reports of a man named Jack harassing people. Many believe that this is the same vampire that lived in the city of New Orleans and caused a stir among the denizens of the town when he disappeared into thin air. Countless people visit New Orleans for the chance to enjoy a vampire tour and learn more about this legendary man, along with other infamous vampires. Perhaps Jacques Saint Germain still stalks the streets of New Orleans, seeking his next victim. The world may never know the truth about this mysterious and awe-inspiring man.