Ghost tours are a favorite way to experience any haunted place in New Orleans that is known for its ghosts and hauntings. Two blocks away from the Mississippi River in historic New Orleans, Louisiana, however, there is a haunted location that has gone relatively unnoticed for years. It is called the Mahogany Jazz Hall and Club, formerly known as the Folk’s Lodging House. It held many travelers in its walls during its time of operation as a lodging house, but as happens with most aging institutions, specific events would transpire in the structure’s walls that would transform it into a paranormal hotspot.

A 26-year-old shoemaker named Charles Murphy had worked at a shoe factory in New Orleans for some time before being affected by a terrible fever. When he returned to the lodging house after a day at work, sick as a dog, he asked Mr. Folk, the owner of the building, to wake him at six in the morning as he did most mornings. The following daybreak, Folk approached Murphy’s room, knocked on the door, spoke to him for a moment, then proceeded back to his desk on the first floor. Soon after Folk’s departure from his room, for reasons unknown, Charles Murphy hung himself with a piece of a clothing line, not to be found for several hours by Folk himself.

Sometime later, another man entered Folk’s establishment seeking the American dream. He was a German man named George Kreis. He was living in the streets when Mr. Folk found him and offered him a place to stay. Folk then helped Kreis get a job baking goods. Unfortunately, Kreis wasn’t very good at baking and became depressed at his lack of skills. With the money he made from his job, Kreis bought a handgun and ended his life on the floor above. Folk would, once again, find another suicide victim’s body in his place of business.

These were not the only two deaths within these walls. Over the years, numerous others would die from natural causes, and there would even be a famous murder at this location. Ever since it was founded in the late 1800s, it has been a center of horrific events and deaths, leading to a breeding ground of dark energy and supernatural entities.

Guests of the Mahogany Jazz Club and Bar have been affected by countless spirits while visiting. These experiences have included being touched by unseen forces, hearing whispering and voices when no one else is around, and seeing dark figures in various parts of the building. Although the establishment had been created in New Orleans to serve the purpose of housing people in need of shelter, it ended up housing various ghosts and apparitions. To this day, what attracted so many dark and sad events to this location remains a mystery.