Often, when hearing the narrative of a haunted location and its spirits during a ghost tour or merely a campfire story session, the tale involves gruesome murders. The story of the Sultan’s Palace and its ghosts of New Orleans is no different. It includes a mysterious mass murder that, to this day, leaves visitors scratching their heads.

In 1836, this beautiful home was built by a plantation owner. It was located on the corner of Dauphine Street and Orleans Avenue, and it was one of the best looking residences in the city. It wasn’t long before a Turkish man, claiming to be a sultan, came along and asked to purchase this home from the plantation owner. The owner agreed to the deal, and the sultan moved in, placing extra locks on the doors and windows for increased security. Immediately following his move-in, the sultan began throwing wild parties every night. These festivities would include music, ladies of the night, food, drink and much more.

As most people would be, the neighbors surrounding the sultan’s home were upset over the amount of noise continually pouring from the building at night. In addition to these feelings of annoyance, they were also profoundly suspicious of the sultan and his guests. However, the partying continued until one fateful morning when a passerby spotted a gruesome and terrifying sight. Pools of blood were forming all around the home, pouring from under the door and even down the steps. The man fled the scene in horror and immediately contacted the police, who were dispatched and arrived at the home shortly after.

When the policemen arrived, they found a horrifying crime scene. Within the walls, every man and woman that had been at the party the night before had been brutally murdered. Some of these victims were so brutalized that they were beyond the point of recognition. Upon further investigation, the officers discovered someone had been buried in the backyard. This person was the owner of the home. However, after researching the man’s history, the officers found that he was never indeed a sultan as he had claimed so often. The man had been the brother of a sultan and fled the country after stealing valuables from him.

It is unknown who was responsible for the massacre at the Sultan’s Palace. Some say it was the true sultan, who hired a group of armed assassins to kill everyone within his brother’s home. Others say it may have been an attack by pirates. The theories are endless. One thing is for certain, however: if you ask about the most haunted locations in New Orleans, the Sultan’s Palace will show up somewhere on that list of ghost-filled locales.