For as long as history has been written, the acting industry has been around to entertain audiences throughout the world. In New Orleans, the Le Petit Theater is the oldest playhouse still standing, and one of the most haunted places in New Orleans. However, due to its old age, it’s also got its fair share of ghosts and paranormal events, making it an astounding ghost tour destination.

Established in 1916, the Le Petit Theater has been hosting events, performances and more for countless visitors and tourists. Unfortunately, not all of these occasions have had a happy ending. One day, long ago, a wedding was held in the beautiful and historic theater. Everything seemed to be going well, but the bride was troubled by reasons unknown to anyone but her. It wasn’t long before she took her own life by leaping from the side of the theater. Ever since her death, visitors have reported seeing the apparition of the bride standing on the very ledge she jumped from so long ago, as well as severe cold spots in the same location.

Although the spirit of the troubled bride is harmless, not all of the ghosts in the theater are entirely passive. One of the former managers of the Le Petit was known to be an angry and troubled man. While on the job one day, he, much like the bride, took his own life in his office. He is thought to harass countless employees in the theater to this day, slamming doors, stealing items and attacking people. He has caused so much havoc, that he has come to be known as one of the most terrifying ghosts in the building.

Because of its fantastic performances and shows, as well as its sheer amount of spirits, the Le Petit Theater is one of the most popular and loved locations in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Whether you’re a lover of live performances, or just a thrill-seeker wishing to have a run-in with a horrifying ghost, this location has it all. Perhaps the next time you’re in New Orleans, you can stop by this old playhouse and catch a glimpse of one of these spectral residents.