Ghost tours in historical New Orleans often pinpoint locations where supernatural occurrences and beings have been witnessed, but have you heard of The Grunch? Everything from poltergeists to voodoo can be found within the city, and countless visitors stop in this place for legendary experiences. However, in eastern New Orleans, supernatural entities called the Grunch have been whispered about for ages. These deformed beings have been rumored to feed on goats, livestock, and people.

The Grunch of New Orleans

According to legend, when New Orleans was a relatively newly-established city, there was a road in the eastern section of the town. This road led deep into a seemingly abandoned wooded area, before eventually leading to a dead end. However, it wasn’t abandoned. Deep in those woods, creatures that were half-human and half-beast lived. Nobody knew what they were, and considered them the devil’s creations. They bred as time went on, and their offspring became even less human, more terrifying creatures.

It wasn’t long before livestock, mainly goats, began going missing from around New Orleans…. Was It The Grunch?

Farmers would awake in the mornings to discover numbers of their goats missing or devoured in their fields. This became a frustrating inconvenience, and while people speculated it might be the fabled creatures on Grunch Road, they couldn’t prove that it was more than a mere wolf or coyote. But then people began disappearing, one by one, and sightings of the horrifying creatures in the woods were becoming more frequent.

While nothing was ever done about the Grunch in the woods, mainly because of their ability to remain undetected and flee quickly, the disappearances haven’t slowed. According to the stories told by locals, the Grunch will leave a wounded goat on the roadside to attract passers. Once the travelers depart from their vehicles, however, the Grunch show themselves, taking the people deep into the woods to be devoured. So, if you’re traveling through New Orleans and see an injured goat on the roadside, heed this advice: think twice before you stop.