New Orleans, Louisiana is easily one of the most haunted locations in America. With hundreds of ghost-filled sites, and several ghost tours, it’s no surprise why. However, another nearby city holds a similarly amazing location. About a hundred miles northwest of New Orleans sits the town of St. Francisville, where the notoriously haunted Myrtles Plantation has rested since 1796.

Beginning of a Legend

A man named General David Bradford built the Myrtles Plantation in 1796. To avoid imprisonment, Bradford fled the United States, retreating to the Spanish colony of Bayou Sara. During his time in the territory, the general received a grant of 650 acres, where he constructed his home. Thirty-four years later, Bradford sold the house to his son-in-law, Judge Clarke Woodruff, who resumed to remodel the home. The structure wouldn’t remain within the judge’s grasp for long, for he sold it to Ruffin Stirling only fourteen years later. While Mr. Stirling owned the home, he updated it with the architecture and decor one might see today.

The Spirit of “Chloe”

The story seems relatively average and peaceful, but as with most plantations its history of slavery has left behind captivating paranormal happenings and ghosts; particularly, an apparition known as Chloe. Required by her insurance for fire safety purposes, the owner took several pictures of the plantation in 1992. The owner was surprised to find that one of the images contained what appeared to be a small slave girl in between the General’s Store and the Butler’s Pantry. A patent researcher performed an investigation, determining that the film was untampered and the spirit was genuine. This finding is astoundingly substantial evidence proving the existence of an afterlife and ghosts. Many consider this discovery to be the most fascinating, although it isn’t the only paranormal occurrence to take place.

Popular television programs, including National Geographic and The Travel Channel, have featured the plantation ever since the discovery of the spirit known as Chloe. To this day, they offer tours of the haunted and beautiful location. Although the area isn’t within the enchanting city of New Orleans, the Myrtles Plantation is still an astonishing location to partake in one of the amazing ghost tours.