If you’ve ever been at a campfire at night or a scary ghost tour in New Orleans, you’ve surely heard your fair share of ghost stories. These stories often detail terrifying apparitions or shocking paranormal events. For centuries, they’ve left chills on the spines of many. But where did these famous ghost stories originate?

The First Ghost Story

The first ghost story account happened in the first century A.D. Roman author Pliny the Younger wrote this story after experiencing a horrifying haunted. Pliny claimed that an elderly man with a long beard, with chains hanging from his arms and ankles, haunted his home at the time. Pliny’s writings, at the time, had a reputation for being extraordinarily vivid. Because of this, many readers at the time read this story and spread it throughout the land.

Report Details Early Poltergeist Activity

Hundreds of years later, in the year 856, a report in Germany detailed the first known poltergeist activity. The events took place in a farmhouse there, where a family experienced torment at the hand of an unseen force. This spirit threw rocks, started fires and caused endless chaos for this small family. What happened to this small family remains unknown, but it is the earliest account of a violent spirit.

Although these two accounts are just scratching the surface, they mark the origins of some of the terrifying stories that can be heard today. Luckily, due to modern communication and technology, these stories aren’t as much of a rarity as they were two-thousand years ago.  Ghost sightings are the most astounding event that can happen to a person, so sharing these stories is of the utmost importance today. Countless visitors will partake in a scary ghost tour in New Orleans in hopes of this experience. Perhaps you will come face-to-face with a phantom on your next ghost tour. There is only one way to find out…