There is an abundance of haunted places in New Orleans. Many of these notable locations are as old as the city itself, established by its founders. Built in 1848, the Jimani House has one of the darkest histories of any building in the city. This bar, which still operates today, hosts an assortment of terrifying apparitions. Whether a visitor is searching for a good time or a haunting experience, the Jimani House is the place to go.

A Tragedy Strikes the Jimani House

In June of 1973, the Jimani House was a trendy club. It’s downstairs bar served fantastic drinks and food, while its upstairs lounge allowed patrons to converse and enjoy their time in a relaxing environment. But on the last Sunday of June, a night of fun would soon turn into the last night of their lives. At approximately 7:56 pm, while over a hundred visitors enjoyed a free beer and all-you-can-eat special, a cab approached the building. The people in the lounge, hearing the buzz that indicated a cab’s approach, opened the stairwell door. Suddenly, flames burst into the room, started by an unknown arsonist. The attendees panicked, trying desperately to escape the intense blaze. However, because an unmarked emergency exit and barred windows, many didn’t survive. After the tragedy, there were 29 deaths on-scene, and three more died from their injuries later.

After the Incident

The fire that occurred in 1973 is one of the most horrific incidents in New Orleans history.

The fire that occurred in 1973 is one of the most horrific incidents in New Orleans history.

Unfortunately, because of the bar’s gay-friendly attitude, most of the city ignored it. At the time, many citizens had a general distaste or even hatred for the gay community and their rights. Multiple news sources didn’t include the fact that this attack had been a hate crime. There were also other sources that made offensive jokes about the deaths of these innocent people. Sadly, because of the country’s indifference at the time, the investigation never turned up a guilty party. To this day, the arson remains a cold case.

Although the Jimani House is one of the hottest sports bars in New Orleans, it also holds another title. After that fateful night in 1973, it became one of the most haunted locations in New Orleans. Many visitors that come to the bar in search of good times have claimed to have encountered the paranormal there. Some say they can hear voices, while others say they’ve felt the presence of an unseen person. One thing is for sure, however: the people that lost their lives during the horrible fire in June of 1973 are still in their favorite bar. Maybe they’re trying to get the attention of newcomers, or perhaps they’re trying to tell the story of their premature death, caused by a hateful arsonist.