New Orleans is a fascinating city with hundreds of fantastic events to attend throughout the year. These events range from festivals to ghost tours. In May of 2018, New Orleans will be hosting its Food and Wine Experience. It’s a function that allows visitors to enjoy the culinary delicacies of the beautiful city. Because of the sharp increase in traffic through the city during the five-day festivity, many ghost tour providers, such as Witches Brew Tours, plan to offer travelers the haunted tour of a lifetime.

New Orleans is massively known for its cuisine, music, and festivals. However, it is also one of the most haunted locations in the United States. These hauntings  have exponentially grown in number since the city’s founding in 1718. They provide tourists with the opportunity to go on a ghost tour and see some of the most haunted spots. And as a tourist, no time is better than the Food and Wine Experience. It will allow visitors to stop by a ghost tour provider and enjoy a chilling experience.

The Food and Wine Experience

The Food and Wine Experience is a twenty-five-year-old festival. It will take place between May 23rd and May 27th of 2018. During this annual event, all proceeds go to local food banks and culinary schools. Up to date, this festival has donated over a million dollars to various non-profit organizations. The events that transpire during this happening include wine dinners, seminars, tastings and more. Luckily, because of the popularity of this event, it will be taking place throughout the city. This will allow visitors to explore New Orleans while also enjoying the food and drink that have made it a staple in American cuisine.

While exploring the almost-ancient city of New Orleans, tourists can expect to stumble across the remarkable French Quarter. This is the oldest section of the city. Because of its age, it is also one of the most haunted areas in the city. This age makes it a hotspot for the paranormal. Witches Brew Tours is a favorite ghost, voodoo and vampire tour provider in New Orleans, and leads groups of newcomers around the most haunted locations in the city throughout the year. During the Wine and Food Experience, thousands of guests to the town can enjoy any of the five-star tours provided, allowing them to enjoy New Orleans to the extent of their ability.

While enjoying the Wine and Food Experience in New Orleans, tourists can expect not only to taste culinary masterpieces and wines but also partake in one of the most bone-chilling tours available in the states. These tours are not just a chance to discover the paranormal, but also a priceless historical lesson in which one can learn about New Orleans’ past. Whether they decide to learn about the art of voodoo, which has been practiced within the city limits for hundreds of years, or to visit one of the several haunted houses in the French Quarter, it will surely be a wonderful experience.