Turn on your television and change it to a paranormal program or simply search “evidence of ghosts” and you’ll surely see it: ghosts appearing on photo. Many people have a story of capturing a ghostly apparition in a photo, although many do not understand why these spectral entities appear. A ghost tour is a great source of paranormal photos. However, they’re also captured by accident during routine photography.

When captured on camera, ghosts appear in several different ways. People have reported all types of shapes. These vary from orbs to streaks of light, and even as extreme as full-body apparitions. Sometimes, these sightings are accompanied by strange happenings around the time of taking the photos. These occurrences can include strange sounds, voices, EVP’s and even physical touching by unseen forces. Many paranormal researchers are developing theories on the causes on these orbs and apparitions appearing on camera. The general synopsis: these shapes are spirits drawing energy and using it to interact with the living.

“What If I Capture a Ghost On Camera During My Ghost Tour?”

Often times, visitors may accidentally capture one of these paranormal figures on their personal camera or cellphone. This only adds to the amazing experience of a five-star tour, as it gives the visitor something special to take home and show off. See some examples of ghostly apparitions that were captured during our tours. If you capture any specters during your visit, be sure to send them to us. If they contain evidence of the paranormal, we may feature them on our site and social media outlets!