Everyone knows that there are haunted places. From houses to graveyards and everything in between, ghosts can cling to any location that they have a connection to upon death. For instance, the LaLaurie Mansion, where many were said to have experienced pain and anguish before their deaths, is said to be one of the most haunted locations in New Orleans. But places aren’t the only potential for a haunting. In many cases, people can be haunted.

What Does It Mean to Be a Haunted Person?

Nobody is entirely sure why a person may become haunted. Some theorize that dead relatives may cling to the living that they were close to in life. Others say that demonic and evil spirits attach to the vulnerable and weak to feed on and become more powerful. Perhaps both of these theories are accurate. A haunted person typically finds out they’re a haunted person far before anyone else does. However, this discovery can take years to make in some cases. There are several signs that one may be haunted. Unexplained scratches and bruises, disembodied voices and items being moved around an individual are just a few of the very prominent signs that one is haunted.

Are you haunted? It is possible. After all, we’ve all moved to different homes throughout our lives and lost people that were dear to us. Perhaps we’ve had close ones holding on to us. Perhaps something else that took a liking to you during a five-star tour and has simply been along for the ride since then. Luckily, these cases tend to be harmless to the haunted individual, aside from a few occasional scares. But if you start experiencing unexplained injuries and attacks, perhaps it’s time to call an exorcist…