Chances are, if you’re reading this article you most likely have an interest in the paranormal. Well, you’re not alone. A recent poll showed that around 45% of Americans believe that ghosts exist or claim to have seen one in their lifetime. But there are also a more extreme group of believers: ghost hunters. These folks delve into the darkest, most haunted locations in hopes that they will capture evidence to further increase our understanding of the other side.

When Did Ghost Hunting Begin?

The first accounts of ghost hunters date back to the 18th century. As reports came in more often of spiritual encounters, groups like the Society for Physical Research stepped up to investigate. However, the popularity of ghost hunting didn’t rise until much later, in the 2000s. Television shows, such as Ghost Hunters, started appearing in the early 2000s, where groups of professionals gather together to find indisputable evidence of the paranormal.

In addition to the rise of ghost hunting groups, so rose the paranormal technology industry. Businesses began opening one-by-one that offered various ghost hunting equipment. These typically include EMF detectors, audio recorders and way more. And, of course, as time goes on and our society continues to advance in technology, the ghost hunting industry will continue to thrive.

Ghost hunting is a fascinating and thrilling occupation and hobby loved by many around the world. Since the 1700s, people have taken the time to try and determine what paranormal events are caused by. While many of our questions about the supernatural remain unanswered, here’s to hoping that more mysteries are unraveled as the years go by. Maybe you’ll be the next ghost hunter to make an astounding discovery…