Early in New Orleans history, when it was still a territory that belonged to the French, it had a reputation for harboring pirates and smugglers. These outlaws would perform all manner of crime, depending on the individual in question. Because of the lack of law enforcement in those days, the city became an ideal location for these folks. Of course, some of the most well-known of these pirates are Jean Lafitte and his brother, who used a blacksmith shop to perform their smuggling operations.

Ghosts of the Alley

Another location the two brothers were often rumored to have used for their illegal deeds was Pirates Alley. It’s a road that stands between the St. Louis Cathedral and the Cabildo. But this location has a far stranger reputation in the modern day. People that visit the small, tucked-away alley often report sightings of ghosts. Jean Lafitte, a ghost that already haunts a blacksmith shop bar in New Orleans, is said to also wander this alleyway for reasons unknown.

But Jean Lafitte isn’t the only ghost that hides in the shadows of Pirate’s Alley. Other witnesses have reported sightings of a priest, another pirate and even an author. It comes as no surprise that this almost-ancient city has harbored so many ghosts over the years. However, what draws so many to Pirates Alley? Did they all have a bond to it in life, or is it just by chance? We may never know…