Ghosts have fascinated us for centuries. From ghost tours to paranormal investigations, people are always looking for a way to encounter the supernatural. Even in early texts, excerpts about apparitions and spirits can be found. But throughout all of the reports of ghosts, one thing remains the same: our inability to see them with the naked eye. While some mediums have the gift to do this, most average adults cannot. Instead, we take to using audio and video equipment in order to muster a response from the other side. But do children have a sixth sense that adults don’t?

If you ask any typical person on the street, they’ll tell you that they or someone they know had an imaginary friend as a child. This is a pretty typical behavior found in adolescence and is usually written off as an over-productive imagination. But what if these children are actually sensing a presence that we can’t? Many paranormal investigators and mediums tend to believe that children are more sensitive to ghosts and their presences. Their explanations for why vary from person to person, however.

Why Can Children See Ghosts?

One theory about why children may be able to see ghosts is because they have not been predisposed not to. As adults, we have been raised to believe in certain things and not believe in others. While some of these, such as Santa Claus, are definitely tall tales, others may not be. Speculators believe that children can see ghosts because they haven’t been taught not to yet, and therefore are more open-minded and observant of spiritual entities. This theory also plays into the theory that if you raise your child to be open to the paranormal, they may grow into a medium that sees and hears things many others can’t.

Another common theory, primarily regarding infants below eight months old, is that they have a sense of sight which we do not. At about eight months of age, the way we see things changes drastically. Before that age, babies tend to see patterns and objects at a much more detailed level. These objects can sometimes include ghosts.

As children grow into adults, their parents begin to tell them truths that were harmless fun as kids. They begin to understand that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny never existed and grow into the world level-headed. But unfortunately, these children also begin to lose their belief in the supernatural and lose touch with the psychic energies they may have harnessed at one point in their young lives. This is a natural part of life and one that is unavoidable. But the next time your child or a child you know is talking to their imaginary friend, observe your surroundings and investigate for yourself. Maybe you’ll find that there’s more to their imaginary friend than meets the eye…