Have you ever heard of the bigfoot or yeti? These elusive creatures have been appearing in folklore and in campfire stories for hundreds of years. Many researchers dedicate their entire lives to searching for them in hopes of finally revealing the truth. But in Louisiana, the Honey Island Swamp Monster is their version of the bigfoot. This seven-foot creatures, with gray hair and yellow eyes, has been said to lurk in the swampland of Louisiana for at least a hundred years.

What Is The Honey Island Swamp Monster?

Nobody knows for sure what the Honey Island Swamp Monster is, mainly because it has never been proven to exist. But many stories have circulated about its origins. Most notably, a legend says that a train wreck occurred in the early 20th century with a traveling circus onboard. However, when the train wrecked, all of the chimpanzees traveling with the circus escaped and fled into the surrounding lands. After this, it is said that the chimpanzees interbred with the local alligators and created an offspring which we now know as the Honey Island Swamp Monster. While this is extraordinarily debatable due to its biological implications, it is still a fascinating legend.

There are others who say that the Honey Island Swamp Monsters are just feral humans. Over the course of time, their bodies have adapted in order to survive the harsh landscapes of Louisiana. These claims can also be debated, however, due largely to the fact that all sightings of these creatures have listed them as seven feet tall. That height is much taller than the average human, especially one that is living off of the land in the wild.

The Honey Island Swamp Monster has eluded and fascinated many investigators in Louisiana as the bigfoot has in other locales around the globe. Whether or not the creature truly exists is still up for debate. Occasionally, a sighting will occur or large footprints will be found in the swamplands, but of course this is not substantial evidence. Only when the creature is found and proven to be real will we ever know of its true existence. Is it just a byproduct of myth, or truly an elusive and predatory humanoid that lurks in the swamps?