Julie White: The Voodoo Swamp Witch

Throughout New Orleans history, voodoo has played a major role in the city. This practice, which has helped heal and guide people for centuries, is often used for good. However, there is an occasional voodoo practitioner who uses their power for evil. One such evildoer, Julie White, resided in the haunted Manchac Swamp for much of her life. It is there that she practiced voodoo and witchcraft to enact evil deeds.

What Is Manchac Swamp?

Manchac Swamp is located just north of New Orleans. Like many of the other swamps of Louisiana, it is a treacherous landscape teeming with wildlife. This wildlife usually includes snakes, alligators, insects and more. But unlike other marshes, Manchac is also filled with the paranormal due to its somewhat dark history. Julie White is one of the main contributors to the supernatural of these murky grounds.

The Tale of the Voodoo Priestess

Julie White resided in the Manchac Swamp during the late 19th century and early 20th century. She was a practitioner of voodoo, but unlike the incredible Marie Laveau, she used her gifts along with witchcraft for sinister purposes. A reclusive woman, she typically stayed at her home in the swamp. From her front porch, she would make predictions about horrific events in the surrounding areas and attempt to hex passersby.

Julie White spent her life scaring the local populace, sometimes cursing those who wronged her. But when she died, her most significant curse to date occurred. The day of her death, she told those around her that she was going to “take them all” with her when she passed. Once she finally passed, a catastrophic hurricane passed through, wiping out a few local villages and burying their bodies, along with Julie’s, somewhere deep in the swamp.oo

Ever since Julie’s death, bodies have occasionally been found in the Manchac Swamp where she once resided. Additionally, many who visit the swamp claim to hear the voices and whispers of the dead surrounding them. These voices may be the victims of Julie White’s horrible magics or victims of the hurricane that killed hundreds in 1915. Regardless, Julie White has left a taint on the Manchac Swamp that won’t soon be cleaned away.

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