Witches Brew Tours is proud to announce the launch of our new online store! In this store, we’re providing shirts, tank tops, coffee mugs and throw pillows with an assortment of handmade designs. Each design is unique and themed around various ghost tour destinations.

LaLaurie Mansion Design

The first of our new designs is a LaLaurie Mansion design. The LaLaurie mansion was the home of a brutal woman who imprisoned and tortured many of her slaves. When her cruel acts were discovered, she was run out of town by an angry mob. But to this day, many visitors claim to see ghostly apparitions in the windows of the third floor, where the slaves had once been kept.

Jacques St. Germain Design

Another design we’ve crafted is a Jacques St. Germain portrait. Jacques St. Germain was a man of great intrigue in the early days on New Orleans. He would often throw lavish parties and became a major influencer for a period of time. But one day, a woman covered in blood arrived at the police station, claiming that Germain had attacked her viciously. Upon questioning, Germain stated that he would arrive at the police station the following morning to clear things up. However, when the day arrived, police discovered that Jacques St. Germain had fled the city, leaving behind various wine bottles filled with blood in his home. He is one of New Orleans’ most notorious vampire legends.

Marie Laveau Design

Our third design is a popular subject in the city of New Orleans. It is an image of Marie Laveau, Queen of Voodoo. She spent much of her life performing voodoo rituals to gain influence throughout the city. With the money she made from the rich, she would supply the poor with food and money that they needed. Her influence still lives on to this day, and voodoo in New Orleans owes much to her.

Come Check Out Our Store!

Lastly, we’ve crafted a Witches Brew Tours design with our logo and “mascot.” All four of these designs are sure to make a great fashion accessory or unique souvenir from your trip to New Orleans. Be sure to stop by our store today and order your new items!