The French Quarter in New Orleans is renowned worldwide for its historical architecture and unique history. From Bourbon Street’s upbeat, unending vibe to the street artistry on Jackson Square, everything about it is one-of-a-kind. This is no different with the Andrew Jackson Hotel. This historical and beautiful site has a long, dark history just like much of the rest of New Orleans.

Haunted Hotel’s Early History

Long before becoming the lavish hotel that it is today, the Andrew Jackson Hotel began as a boarding school and orphanage in 1792. Many of the parents of the children housed here had died during the yellow fever epidemic that wiped out a chunk of the city’s population. But the orphanage wouldn’t stand long; destroyed by one of the many citywide fires in 1794. Tragically, five children died during the blaze that decimated this structure.

Before long, almost immediately, the federal courthouse was constructed on the site of this destruction. This courthouse, ironically, would later be a location where General Jackson indicted for contempt of court and charged with obstruction of justice. It stood in its place until it was finally demolished in the early 1900s. Soon after, the building which is now the Andrew Jackson Hotel was constructed.

Ghosts of the Haunted Hotel

The Andrew Jackson Hotel is now one of the most visited and loved hotels in all of New Orleans. But while many people visit to admire the architecture of the hotel, others come to see ghosts. There are several ghosts that haunt this building. The five boys that perished in the fire of 1794 stalk the courtyard and many rooms of the hotel. These harmful, curious spirits play in the middle of the night and have been known to tamper with electronics.

One room in particular, Room 208, has a particularly strong haunting occurring within its walls. Several guests that have stayed in this room have told stories about a ghost named Armand. According to these tales, Armand suffered a terrible death and never left the room afterward. This spirit has been known to push people off of the bed, remove their covers and wake some with laughter. Although he doesn’t sound inherently evil, it’s no secret why many wouldn’t want to stay in this room.

Would You Stay At This Haunted Hotel?

Out of all of the buildings of New Orleans’ French Quarter, the Andrew Jackson Hotel is one of the most haunted. This location is known for its rich, deep history as well as its many interesting spirits. While visiting New Orleans, it makes a prime destination as it is only a few steps away from the popular Bourbon Street. Would you stay in this haunted hotel and risk running into one of its many ghostly denizens?