New Orleans, Louisiana is home to cuisine that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. From their ocean-to-table seafood to their unique desserts, much of their food can’t be beaten. One location, Cafe Du Monde, serves beignets that travelers from around the globe are attracted. These delicious, fried treats go even better with one of the signature coffees that they’ve been serving since 1862. But in addition to its legendary pastries and coffee, Cafe Du Monde also hosts an elusive ghost.

Cafe Du Monde’s Ghostly Waiter

While this haunting is not particularly well-documented, it has become an infamous tale throughout New Orleans. On several different occasions, visitors have reported having their order taken by a young waiter named Blue. According to these tales, Blue would take the patron’s order, then disappear into the crowd never to return. Mysteriously, many guests throughout the Cafe’s history have corroborated this story.

This haunting has never caused anyone in the Cafe or any of its patrons any issues, but it still perplexes many. There is no documentation listing Blue in the Cafe’s history, but since it’s been open since 1862, it’s not out of the questions that this person may have existed. What is a mystery, however, is why this residual ghost has stuck to the location of the Cafe Du Monde for so long. Unfortunately, this is a question that will likely remain unanswered.