Just across from the Ursuline Convent on Chartres Street is the former home of General P. G. T. Beauregard. General Beauregard was the man who fired the shots at Fort Sumter, kicking off the Civil War. The house was taken over by a writer named Miss Keyes. She restored the home to the state it is in today.

The Story of Paul Morphy

Contrary to usual hauntings, the ghosts currently haunting this home are not of the original owners. It’s a residual spirit by the name of Paul Morphy. Morphy was the first American master of chess and his grandfather the original owner of the house. One afternoon, when Paul was seven, his grandfather and uncle were playing chess.

Just before his uncle was about to make a move, little Paul said, “No. If you make that move you will lose the game.”

Paul then climbed into his uncle’s lap and beat his grandfather. When Paul was 13, he beat the Hungarian world chess champion. In his 20’s, Paul played against nine chess masters, a match which took 18 hours. During this match, Paul was blind-folded with his chair facing a wall. Without taking a break, he beat 6 and tied with the other 3.

Ask About Old Beauregard

Unfortunately, Paul had a stroke at age 47 and passed away. But Paul is still with us, and if you come to a Witches Brew ghost tour, ask to see Old Beauregard. Maybe you too will catch the face of a man who at one time was king, but is now widely unknown.