Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan purchased the building shown in the photo below. He used his wealth to restore the house to its original grandeur. Although Jourdan dearly adored his beautiful home, he was a man that could never quench his thirst for the thrill and excitement of gambling. 

Jourdan Loses His Home

In 1814 he wagered his beloved home in a poker game and crushingly lost the one thing he treasured most in life. The shock of the loss was so intense, he tragically committed suicide on the second floor, before having to vacate the premises and hand over his beloved treasure. He did so in the area that served as the slave quarters: the same area where Muriel’s Seance Lounges are situated today. 

To keep the spirit happy, every day, even on Christmas, someone comes in and lays out a table to Jourdan. Fresh white table cloth, bread, and wine. This honors him, keeping spiritual mischief at bay. Table for one?

In this image, a spectre can be spotted at Jourdan’s table in Muriel’s. Perhaps, it is the very man himself…