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Ghost Tours in New Orleans

What makes New Orleans so special is the nightlight, charm, culture and so much history. It is definitely one of the unique cities in the U.S.A. The charisma of Bourbon Street which produced one of the most iconic jazz musicians of all time and the serenity Bayou St John, New Orleans promises everything. However, it is also considered one of the most haunted cities in the U.S.A. Whether you’re a believer in the spirit world or not, there is something quite strange about those cemeteries. Having served as a historic entry point for the country’s slave trade, being a major stomping ground for pirates, the playing ground for the paranormal, and the birthplace of voodoo, there is something creepy about this city in the roots. To begin your experience into the undead, check out our ghost tours...

4-in-1 Ghost Tours, Voodoo, Vampires and Witchcraft Ghost Walking Tour

The conglomeration of different beliefs and practices that were brought to New Orleans by the slaves formed the basis of New Orleans voodoo. The practice of voodoo was glorified by Marie Laveau who helped people to bring them luck, cure ailments, procure them their desired lovers, and for the revenge against their enemies. Rumors of snake worship, spirit possession, ghosts, animal sacrifices, the undead, and haunted mysteries scandalized the voodoo.

In this tour, you’ll go through the scariest experience of your life. Pack up your flashlights, control your heartbeats and look over your shoulder as we take you to the historic French Quarter under the moonlight to relive all those paranormal activities, tragedies, and haunted nooks only the natives know about. For the fans of American Horror story, we will tell you the real mystery behind Kathy Bates’ character, the infamous Madame Delphine, and her haunted mansion. This tour is not for the weak so prepared to be traumatized as we take you through the soul-wrenching haunted tour in the New Orleans.

3-in-1 Cemetery, Voodoo, French Quarter Ghost Walking Tour

Often regarded as “cities of the death”, all the cemeteries in the New Orleans are haunted and you won't miss a second of it with our ghost tours. Entering the cemetery gates, you are welcomed by rusty ironwork and blinded by sun-bleached tombs. St. Louis Cemetery is the resting place of many famous people including Marie Laveau-the famous voodoo queen. This tour takes you inside the St. Louis Cemetery where all the superstitions, old customs, and traditions are discussed. This tour, again, is not for the weaker hearts and you must be brave enough to swallow the chills and horrors of this place.

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