For those of you who aren’t aware, New Orleans is quite an eerie place. It’s is so dangerous in one sense and gothic in the other. It has always been a notorious place by highest murder rate and some missing persons. This place is always associated with vampires and paranormal activities. The Carter brothers, namely John and Wayne Carter are one of the most feared vampires in the vicinity of New Orleans.

Their story is quite haunting, so is the place where they used to live. They behaved like normal humans in every aspect and had normal labor jobs in New Orleans. They lived on a street in the famous French Quarter. One day a girl was reported to escape from the Caters. Her wrists were badly cut and bleeding. The policemen raided Carter’s apartment instantly and found four more people tied to the chairs and their wrist sliced in the same manner. The story was that these brothers used to kidnap people to drink their blood at the end of every day they came from work.

Searching further in their apartment, police also found the dead bodies of 14 people. Police waited for the brothers to return and they eventually did. It was so difficult for the police to abduct John and Wayne. Even 8 people couldn’t match the force of those average-sized men. The Carter brothers were executed and buried. After some years, their bodies were not found in the family’s vault.

The rumor is that you become a vampire if a vampire drinks your blood seven days in a row. One of the victims found in their apartment became a serial killer taking lives of more than 32 people. It was reported that he too drank the blood of his victims. In the New Orleans, Carter brothers are still feared because many people have reported their presence in the French Quarter.