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Vampire Tours

Ghost Tours During Food and Wine Festival

New Orleans is a fascinating city with hundreds of fantastic events to attend throughout the year. These events range from festivals to ghost tours. In May of 2018, New Orleans will be hosting its Food and Wine Experience. It’s a function that allows visitors to enjoy the culinary delicacies of the beautiful city. Because of…

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The Vampire of New Orleans: Jacques Saint Germain

Witches Brew Tours offers a top-notch vampire tour that takes visitors through New Orleans, telling them legends of vampires that have been talked about for centuries. The Carter Brothers are often referred to during these tours, but they are not nearly as famous as the Vampire of New Orleans, Jacques Saint Germain. An unaging and…

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Vampires In New Orleans: The Carter Brothers

In New Orleans, terrifying tales of the things that go bump in the night have circulated since its establishment in 1718. Vampires are one of the many subjects of these legends. These blood-drinking vampires in New Orleans hide in plain sight, awaiting the perfect moment to strike and feed off of their next helpless victim.…

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Vampires in New Orleans: A Brief History

Curiosity seekers and vampire enthusiast find rich history about the casket girls as part of the vampires in New Orleans. These haunted tour stories date back to the French colony settlement in New Orleans. In 1718, John Law, a Scotsman decided to name the French colony La Nouvelle Orleans. Shortly after that in 1728, King…

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