The Real New Orleans Tour: Uncensored History of the Crescent City

Are you the type of person that your friends describe as “weirdly obsessed with history?”

Do you prefer museums over movie theaters or sporting events? Is your budget for non-fiction
books way too high? Do you find yourself apologizing for over-explaining historical facts to your
friends and then saying, “I promise I CAN be fun at parties!”

Well friend, you have found your people. Welcome to the New Orleans No-Nonsense Walking Tour for The Real New Orleans Tour: Uncensored History of the Crescent City: but be warned, we pull no punches… There will be no sugar-coating of New Orleans’ wild history on this tour.

History Lovers Tour

Prepare to be transported through time as your experienced storyteller paints a detailed picture of what life was like during different eras of French Quarter history. From Yellow Fever and the toll it took on our city, to the famous Jackson Square and the establishment of La Nouvelle Orleans… from the history of enslaved peoples and their impact on religion and culture, to what makes the architecture in our city so incredibly unique… from our historical red light district, to the earliest notes of jazz.

This tour will have you laughing and crying as you grapple with all that New Orleans has gone through to get where it is today. History lovers, join us on an adventure through the real, gritty, often fun but sometimes heartbreaking, history of this incredible city.

1. Starting location- PJs coffee on Chartres
2. Jackson Square- So many options here. Basic New Orleans history (Bienville and city planning), transfer from French to Spanish rule,
O’Reilly, Pontalba, Pirate’s Alley/smuggling/early economy.
3. Corner of St. Ann and Royal to discuss Code Noir/history of Enslaved People/Free People of Color
4. Madame John’s Legacy/Dumaine- Architecture in early New Orleans
5. Voodoo Authentica
6. Ursuline Convent
7. Homer Plessy (More on free people of color and civil rights movement)
8. Bourbon Street- Storyville

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