Marie Laveau

The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

The cemeteries in the New Orleans are sometimes known as “cities of the death” and are quite haunting. The moment you enter the cemetery gates, you are welcomed by rusty ironwork and blinded by graves. Out of all the cemeteries, St. Louis Cemetery is quite special as it is resting Marie Laveau-the famous voodoo queen. What formed the basis of New Orleans voodoo? It was the amalgamation of different ideas, concepts, and practices that came into the New Orleans through slaves. Marie Laveau was the torch-bearer of this faith who practiced magic and helped people of the New Orleans with luck, ailments, revenging their enemies, and procuring their unsuccessful love. The Voodoos were considered very controversial figures in the society due to their association with spirit possession and snake worship. She was married twice in her life, and first marriage was at the age of 25 to a man named Jacques Paris.

However, the marriage was quite controversial, and the disappearance of Jacques Paris gave Marie the title of “Widow Paris.” There are some speculations that Marie hid her husband with the help of a powerful voodoo magic. Since no remains of Jacques Paris were found, no one accused Marie of the murder. She introduced the voodoo circles in the New Orleans where men and women would wildly dance around the fire. Marie Laveau was reportedly accompanied by a pet snake and women would wriggle like a snake around the fire. Anyone who tried to interrupt this voodoo ceremony, Marie Laveau would cast a magic spell to neutralize them and send them away.

She was married the second time to a man named Louis-Christophe Dumesnil de Glapion. The marriage was kept hidden from everyone, and she was blessed with fifteen children from his second husband. Since the death of Marie Laveau, the practitioner of voodoo still visits her in the cemetery. They offer many gifts such as voodoo dolls, pictures, candles, and vigils on her grave. People also pray on her grave and if their prayers listen, they would come back and mark a sign of a cross on her grave. They do that to seek her blessings and aid.

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