Voodoo Tours in New Orleans

Experience Voodoo Tours In New Orleans. Voodoo has its twisted roots in the history of New Orleans. Women like Marie Laveau helped cultivate these roots that extend hundreds of years.

Voodoo was first introduced to New Orleans during the colonial period African slaves from Africa. Beginning in 1719, voodoo's concoctions of herbs, poisons, along with charms and amulets were intended to protect some and harm others.

But many people don't understand voodoo or haven't heard the full truth of it. Witches Brew Tours will take you on a tour like no other, while also providing accurate information regarding the voodoo that has been used and cultivated in New Orleans since the day the city was founded.

Join Witches Brew Tours on one of our voodoo tours to get dangerously close to the mysterious world of voodoo as you learn about Marie Laveau and others like her.

Voodoo Dolls