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Twain’s famous quote has perhaps encapsulated the beauty, richness, and depth of NOLA’s history like no other. In one simple sentence, he has described what many of us–locals and otherwise–know to be true.

New Orleans has been home to some of the most incredible, historically loaded, famous cemeteries and the folklore, spooky history, and mystery that lives within them. It’s one of the most incredible cities in the US, if not the world, for its amazing architecture and cemetery scape.

Among the six municipal cemeteries that are in the city, here are some of the most famous ones that are definitely worth visiting or learning about in 2023:

St. Louis Cemetery #1

St. Louis Cemetery #1 is arguably the most well-known and famously haunted cemetery in NOLA. Founded in 1789, it started out as a temporary cemetery but went on to become a permanent spot. Today it’s on the National Register of Historic Places and home to over 100,000 deceased individuals. There are 700 tombs and graves, including famous figures like the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and many other well-known individuals.

St. Louis Cemetery #1 is an incredible place to explore, which is why Witches Brew Tours has an ongoing lawsuit to push for the removal of entrance fees at both St. Louis cemeteries and make them accessible to the public.

St. Patrick’s Cemetery #1 and #2

Two incredibly famous cemeteries, St. Patrick’s 1 and 2, are included in our New Orleans cemetery tours. These historic cemeteries were founded in the 1840s by members of the Irish community in NOLA. The cemeteries were placed across two roadways and were used to bury many people who died from yellow fever.

In total, there are three St. Patrick’s cemeteries present in the New Orleans Archdiocese, out of which we will take you to No 1 and No 2, but No 3 is also worth a visit if you’re looking for a more in-depth exploration.

What makes them so haunted and fascinating, however? There have been many sightings of a female spirit or apparition that has been spotted around these cemeteries and known to tail visitors. Others have heard and seen teenagers’ ghosts wandering along the grounds. Others still have heard moans, crying, screaming, and ghoulish sounds, all of which are incredibly terrifying.

If that’s your vibe, then you’d definitely want to head on a tour of these cemeteries, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the history, significance, and ghouls that are a part of it.

The Katrina Memorial at Charity Hospital Cemetery

Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the people of Louisiana when it hit in the middle of 2005. It not only displaced thousands of people, destroyed 800,000 homes, and caused insurmountable tragedy, but it also cost many people their lives.

Once the floodwater died down, however, an already haunted NOLA turned into an even bigger ghost town. Adding to its already rich history of supernatural occurrences, Hurricane Katrina left behind thousands of new souls, dozens of legends, and unfathomable misery, loss, and tragedy.

Today, the Katrina Memorial in the Charity Hospital Cemetery is one of the most famous cemeteries in the region and a popular tourist spot. Not only do people visit to pay their respects to those who lost their lives in the flood but also to learn all about the creepy activities and sightings that have taken place here.

Since it’s located within a historic cemetery, there’s also a lot of rich history and horror attached, with people hearing crying, wailing, and other terrifying noises. Many people also admit to feeling a heaviness, sense of sadness, or longing when walking through the grounds, and it’s definitely the kind of place you’d want to get a closer look at through our guided cemetery tours in New Orleans.

Lafayette Cemetery #1

Located in the beautiful Garden District, Lafayette #1 Cemetery is another famous historic cemetery where you will find all kinds of tombs, graves, and burial sites. This is because the Lafayette Cemetery is the first graveyard where people outside the realm of Catholicism could be buried. It was also non-segregated, which allowed people from over 20 nationalities to find a final resting place on the grounds. It’s definitely revolutionary for its time and defined by its incredible flora and fauna.

In fact, even today, magnolia trees and flowers define pathways and walkways throughout the cemetery, where many people lost their lives to yellow fever. It’s incredibly tragic yet beautiful, and while ghost sightings and stories have been common here if nothing else, it’s worth visiting for the views alone.

Home to thousands of graves, the Lafayette Cemetery holds so many secrets, mysteries, and tragedies that anyone would like to know.

While these are some of the most popular cemeteries in NOLA, we can’t forget about others, including Metairie Cemetery, St. Holt’s, Gates of Prayer, and many others that hold stories and secrets of their own.

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