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Ghost Apps for your Haunted Tour

So you are ready to join us on a ghost tour and want the right ghost apps to help you detect the paranormal. We’ve created a short list of the best apps available to help you get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Apps like people serve different needs. Some apps are meant more for entertainment while others look harder at changes in the EMF in an attempt to identify unusual activity. So regardless of your flavor, these apps should scratch that paranormal itch.

Ghost Detector FREE by Purple Penguin.com, Inc

This app allows you to measure both EMFs and EVPs. This app claims to be used by professional ghost hunters as well. In some reviews online, the EVP’s have been known to be very specific and sensitive.

Ghost Communicator by Andrew Gronek


This app makes use of a radar-style design. It has been known to pick up on disturbances, but the jury is still out given its disclaimer of “for entertainment only.” This is a definite ghost app to try out for fun.

Ghost Locator by Sebastian Mougey

This app seems to a little on the entertainment side as well. You turn it on, and in seconds a “ghost” will appear on the radar with some exciting details about the phantom. This one is also a little on the entertainment side, but can be fun especially after partaking of the local watering holes.

Ghost Recorder by MEDL Mobile, Inc.

This app claims to pick up on supernatural sounds from the beyond.

Ghost Observer by AKEV

This app claims to find the dearly departed on your screen. For a modest upgrade, it also includes a translation tool.

Ghost O Meter by Adrian 3

This one has some real promise. It claims to measure the presence of ghosts in your immediate area with a meter that spikes as you encounter those gone on to their eternal reward. The app leans more on the realistic side

Ghost Detect Pro By Perfect Reality Apps

If you are serious, this may be the app for you. For most, it will provide more data than you could ever hope to sift through after you ghost walk with us.

With these apps, you may encounter the undead in ways that otherwise could feel a cold chill. We recommend expanding your experience so you can decide if ghosts walk among us today.

Witches Brew Tours does not support, install, or preference any of the above apps for your phone.  You install these apps at your own risk!

Witches Brew Tours takes no responsibility for any results or errors these apps may cause to your mobile device.