Witches Brew Tours specializes in cemetery and haunted tours featuring ghosts, vampires, Voodoo, and French Quarter history. We have been in the business of providing exceptional historical and entertaining tours to our guests for almost 10 years. We pride ourselves on our incredibly researched and talented staff.

New Orleans Haunted Ghost, Vodou, & Vampire Tour

On the New Orleans Haunted Ghost, Vodou, & Vampire Tour, your masterful storyteller will take you on an incredible journey through the French Quarter, where you will hear tales of ghosts, Voodoo, vampires, and other paranormal history. Walk with us if you dare, through the beautiful yet haunting streets of the French Quarter.

Trip Advisor Rated #1

When visitors come to New Orleans hoping to get spooked, there’s a good chance they’ll get their chills and thrills on the New Orleans #1 Haunted Ghost, Voodoo, & Vampire Tour. 

New Orleans Vodou & French Quarter Cultural Experience

Allow your local guide to walk you through the magic of the French Quarter on this French Quarter, Cemetery, and Voodoo tour. Get lost in the history of New Orleans Voodoo, culture, history, and architecture.