Witches Brew Tours specializes in cemetery and haunted tours featuring ghosts, vampires, Voodoo, and French Quarter history. We have been in the business of providing exceptional historical and entertaining tours to our guests for almost 10 years. We pride ourselves on our incredibly researched and talented staff.

New Orleans Premier Ghost & Cemetery Tours

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Why take a Witches Brew Tour?

We specialize in cemetery, haunted, and historical tours featuring ghosts, vampires, voodoo, and other paranormal history, offering the best haunted tours of New Orleans. Hear chilling stories told by our 5-star tour guides of horror and of the history of the ghosts that linger here, exploring haunted attractions and more. You will be entertained with vampire lore and legend, listen to the truth about voodoo and hear the incredible story of our Voodoo Queen, and be spooked by spirits on our ghost haunting tours. Choose if you must, but we highly recommend taking multiple tours for the full New Orleans experience!