Haunted Ghost Tours in New Orleans

haunted-ghost-toursIf you are after the macabre and bazaar, then you have to consider haunted ghost tours into the famous St Louis Cemetery #1. Down in New Orleans, Louisiana, you will be sure to get your kick out of the haunted tours that have been arranged just for you ghoulish few.

Imagine a moon lit stoned path, leading you into a labyrinth of spiked-fenced enclosed tombs. As you look ahead, you notice the ornate headstones, and greying statues, with eyes that seemingly follow you.

Will you be ready to take a leap of faith and experience the mother of all haunted ghost tours?

When the dead keep company with the likes of the Voodoo Priestess, Marie Laveau, and one of Jean Lafitte’s pirates, Barthelemy Lafon, then you must know you are in good hands.

St. Louis Cemetery #1 is the oldest out of the three Roman Catholic cemeteries, boasting an existence of almost 230 years. And, you can be sure that all who pass through New Orleans make a beeline to visit the once-living souls here.

While you may be wondering where the basic burial graves are, with simple headstones and a place to pop your vase of flowers, you would be found searching for an age. Where once these traditional and most convenient graves lived, you will now find fully enclosed tombs. So, in essence, the dead are above the ground, and not six feet under either.

And, the simple reason is that, because of the high water table in New Orleans, there was a time when the dead simply popped up out of the ground. You can imagine the scare this brought about for the simple Louisiana folk. Hence the birth of the name Cities of the Dead, pegged first by Mark Twain himself.

Only recently, about 2 years ago, the Roman Catholic Diocese closed the cemetery off to the public, due vandalism, but there are many companies allowed to take tourists through on their haunted tours.

Death has always frightened us humans, but at the same time, we have a morbid fascination with it too. If you look the world over, you will find many cemeteries that bring the droves in. Take Pere-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, where famous fellows Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde have been buried. The Zentralfriedhof in Vienna houses, for want of a better word, Johann Strauss and Beethoven.

But, with its French heritage, the St. Louis Cemetery #1 holds a special place in many hearts. With its rich history and authentic appeal, you will find many seeking out tour packages that include haunted ghost tours through this spooky but intriguing cemetery.