Gossip & Grandeur: A Stroll through New Orleans' Garden District

Join us on a journey through New Orleans' most coveted neighborhood: the Garden District. Mansions and mysteries await you as you walk through the lifestyles of the rich and famous both past and present.

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Visit grandiose homes, such as the home of author Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire, Mayfair Witches) and Sandra Bullock’s doll house. Uncover secrets only locals know, while learning about the history and architecture of this famous neighborhood. Visit Lafayette Cemetery #1 and learn all about burial practices in a city built on a swamp (please keep in mind this cemetery is closed to the public).

Meet your guide at the beautiful Hotel Tonnelle, where they will teach you about the history of the St. Charles Streetcar. Break in the middle of this 2-hour tour at The Rink, where you can grab an iced coffee and explore the Garden District Book Shop.

Mix history with mystery on this unforgettable stroll through New Orleans’ Garden District.


Time and location for departure:

Tour time: 10 AM

 Departure location: Hotel Tonnelle, 2203 St
Charles Ave.